JSJ Studio is comprised of three photographers who enjoy their work and are willing to accommodate any project you may need to have photographed.  Photography is not simply taking snapshots.  Photography can capture the scene, the emotion, and keep fresh the memories of your special times forever. 

Our expertise encompasses many aspects of photography. Portraits of your family or pets, graduations, weddings, birthday parties: all done at the site of your choice. We also do restorations, commercial (insurance appraisals, validation of equipment, salable products or real estate.  We will strive to accommodate all your needs.

One of our photographers is skilled in the restoration of old photos. So if you have a photo of your great aunt that needs special attention we can help preserve her memory.

We are located in Ocala, Florida.  We all love Florida and endeavor to show our appreciation of our home state in our art. There is also a section on our website that consists of fine art photography.  We hope you will enjoy that aspect of our craft.  All three of us do different themes: we each put part of our own unique personality into our work. We hope you enjoy our divergent styles. If you feel a connection with our art, then we have been successful in our endeavors. Please feel free to view our portfolios. Please return again as we add our new selections.

We look forward to working with you in achieving your goals for your special projects.

JSJ Studio provides Portraits and photography of Nature.

We offer photography for everything from commercial projects to portraits of your beloved pet!
Photography for parties for children or anyone.  Consider us for your next family reunion!

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